Types of Patio Set

Outside Patio Sets come in several styles and types. If you want a more classic look to match the indian slate paving you are using, you can choose from such materials as wicker, rattan, wood and iron. Many of these can be obtained at furniture auctions. For a more contemporary look, types include plastic, aluminum, steel and pvc. Regardless of what choice, there's a style to match your needs.

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A typical outside patio set includes a table and matching chairs. Optional add-ons include parasols, chair seat covers and ottomans.

If you will only use your patio set from time to time, a table and matching chair set should be peerfectly sufficient. For more regular use, there is nothing more relaxing than propping your feet on a cushion ottoman having a nice cold drink taking pleasure in the pleasant summer time breeze.

Wicker and Rattan Patio Sets

Wicker and rattan has been used to create top quality, comfortable furniture in the States for more than 150 years. It is made of vines of the rattan tree. Wood, rattan and wicker patio sets generally resemble the look of the straightforward and stylish lines of Victorian-era furniture. Using the right treatment and care, your furniture will last decades. The correct, proper care of your wicker and rattan furniture includes washing it with a mild detergent.

Wooden Outside Patio Sets

Wooden patio sets are very popular and many generally have the feel and look of the Victorian-era. Wooden garden furniture is usually available in teak, cedar plank, cypress and pine. Wooden products have a feel and look about them that's diverse from every other material available.

As it is generally available is almost any color and will last for many years, it is among the most popular options for a patio set. It wont get too hot or freezing cold which makes it comfortable year round. Wooden outside patio sets are more impacted by solar ultra violet sun rays and weather conditions. General maintenance includes washing it with soap and water which makes it simple to clean. To preserve the initial feel and look it's suggested to make use of fresh paint or wood stains with ultra violet filters to avoid diminishing.

Plastic Outside Patio Sets

Plastic patio sets didn't really come into use before the early 1900's. Because of their sturdiness, low cost and wide availability it is the most common kind of patio set bought today. Unlike other kinds of furniture, plastic chairs are usually stackable which will make them simple and space saving to store away for that winter.

Upkeep of plastic patio sets is minimal, mainly just having a quick hose down and from time to time using cleaner or mild detergent to avoid mildew. Available in a wide selection of styles and colors, plastic outside patio sets create a welcome boost to your deck or patio.